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Fire Emblem Icontest

An icontest dedicated to Fire Emblem

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A Fire Emblem icontest


Welcome to fe_icontest, an icontest based on the game series Fire Emblem! The maintainers are x_maps and so_vayne.


1. Your icon must include an image from one of the Fire Emblem games.
2. You can use official art, TCG scans, in-game caps, sprites, pretty much anything. Fanart is allowed, but please ask permission and credit the fanartist. You may use art from Super Smash Bros. Melee/Brawl as long as it features Marth, Ike, or Roy and no other Brawl characters.
3. You can submit up to a maximum of 2 icons each week.
4. Your icon must be made by YOU. Don't copy tutorials.
5. Make sure your icon fits LJ standards (100x100 or less, 40kb or
less, in GIF, JPG or PNG format).
6. Don't advertise your icon before the winners are announced! This will warrant an automatic disqualification. Please don't cross-submit your icon to different icontests.
7. Ask for the creator's permission when the winners are announced before using an icon.


1. Icons must fit LJ rules - 100x100 or less, 40kb or
less, in GIF, JPG or PNG format.
2. No cheating! As in, don't tell your friends to vote, or create a multiple account. If we find out you're doing this, we will ban you from fe_icontest!
4. Submission posts will hopefully be put up right after voting (late Saturday/Sunday), and closed the next Saturday. Voting will likely be from late Saturday - Monday.
5. Follow this format when submitting:

Character/Game: Lucius, FE7
Type Of Art (Official, Book scan, TCG, manga etc.): Official
icon made by xxsecretive


Voting begins on Saturday and ends on Monday, meaning two whole days to vote. You can not vote for yourself! If there are enough icons, there will also be a Special Category each week where you can vote for any icon you think is suitable for the category. It will be something like "Best Use of Text", "Best Cropping", or "Best Emotion". The special category may NOT be an icon you have already voted for. As soon as voting's over, winners will be announced and they may request for a banner to be made.

Vote in either of these formats (or any other as long as it's clear):

First Place: 14
Second Place: 2
Third Place: 7
Special Category: 3


14, 2, 7, 3.


14, 2, 7

If you would like to affiliate us, please refer to here. Also, banner makers may apply there. You may also suggest themes or ask any questions here.

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Banner Makers: none (please go to custom_banners

If you would like to apply for the position of banner-maker, please reply here.


If you haven't already, check out these sites for some images to use for your icons.

English Fire Emblem Documentary: Fire Emblem 5-10 Official Artwork, TCG scans, FE9 CGs, FE7-9 wallpapers, some sprites etc.
Serenes Forest (moved from Angel Sword: Memories): TCG scans, Treasure scans, FE9 CGs, FE9 screensaver character wallpapers, some sprites etc.
FE Planet: Sprites, FE4-10 Official Artwork, FE7-9 wallpapers etc.
Official Fire Emblem Nintendo "Museum" (In Japanese): Official artwork for all characters, including previously unreleased art.
Screencaps from FE10 by lingers

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