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So um... late results anyone? XD

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10 January 2009 @ 10:30 pm
Hey guys! I'm sorry I've been late in posting the new theme. My life is getting really busy, which means I have less time for LJ, so I was thinking about maybe closing down the icontest for a bit, perhaps re-opening it when summer starts, or when life gets less hectic. Right now I just don't have much time or patience to run this place especially with the drop in submissions.
Hence why I haven't posted the new theme - I need to talk stuff over with so_vayne, and I also wanted to get your feedback!

Poll #1328958 Future of Fire Emblem Icontest

What would you like to happen to fe_icontest?

Community goes on hiatus until summer
Community goes on indefinite/permanent hiatus
Community continues to run as it is
Community runs on a fortnightly schedule (submissions last for two weeks instead of one)
Community runs as is with changes (please specify below)

If you selected the last option on the first poll, what are some changes you would like to see at fe_icontest?

Again, nothing is set in stone, I just wanted to get some ideas about what I can with this contest. Comments are screened if you have an issue or suggestion that you don't want others to read. Thanks for your time!
Thank you everyone! There are 5 really amazing icons for you all to vote on. I think they are all very creative so voting is going to be hard. :O

You will be voting for two (2) icons for Best Overall. Vote in this format:

First, Second, Third: 67, 54,


67, 54,

or any other way that is clear. Please do not vote for the same icon twice. You may not vote for yourself.
For the complete set of rules, please refer to the userinfo.

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Good luck guys! x_maps will have a new theme up soon or whenever her schedule allows.
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Err is it too much to ask to keep the Picture Frames & Favorite Colour theme going? There are two icons but I was hoping to see at least a couple more. It's hard to hold a voting with only two. I would love to ring in the new year with more! The new deadline is Tuesday, January 6th! And then after that I'll post voting anyway.

I am going to extend the Picture Frames & Favorite Colour theme. There is one really gorgeous icon however, I cannot put up the voting with only one lonely icon. I know this is a busy time of year but please find some time to submit an icon before Saturday December 20!

Aw man, there are ZERO icons for the Picture Frames & Favorite Colour theme. I'm really hoping to see some creative icons, I know you guys can come up with them. I've seen your work! Please submit before Saturday December 13th! :D come on please submit, I'm on time with this reminder and everything! XD

10 December 2008 @ 09:35 pm
Thanks to everyone who submitted and/or voted! Here are your results for Week 55 :3

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Don't forget to submit to Week 56 - Picture Frames & Favorite Color!! We currently have NO entries, so please please get one in!
09 December 2008 @ 06:36 pm
We have a tiebreaker for 3rd place, so please vote for 1 icon that you like the best!

1 2

Don't vote for yourself, makers of the icons are not obligated to vote. I'll have results up in a bit!
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Picture Frames
For this theme you must use a picture frame somewhere in your icon. You could use one as a border or as the central focal point, it doesn't matter go nuts! You can find stock images of picture frames (or mirror frames) through goggle or photo websites like flicker. These textures would also fit the theme nicely.

Favorite Colour
What's your favorite colour? For this theme your fav must be used as the dominant colour scheme of your icon! The icon doesn't have to be monochromatic but it can be if you want. :)

Remember you may submit up to TWO icons and you may use any combination of themes you wish - two icons, one from each theme; two icons from one theme; or icons combining the two themes are all acceptable.

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Submissions will close Saturday, December 13th, at 11:00 PM EST-4.

Also don't forget to vote for week 55 right here!
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Thanks to some super amazing last minute submissions ♥, we have 5 gorgeous icons for you guys to vote on! Thanks to all who submitted.

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so_vayne should have the next theme up anytime!